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Writer in Residence / David Berridge

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David Berridge/ VerySmallKitchen will be writer and reader in residence at X Marks the Bökship from September through December 2011.

David writes: “The residency will be a chance to research and write around the varieties of printed matter at the Bökship, as part of ongoing research into the connections of writing, language and art practice.” “My intention is to offer information about new bookworks and projects, as well as writing a series of essays considering the histories and current constituents of a discipline of art writing, making connections with and across experimental poetry, fiction and essaying.”

“I’ll be using the space and time of the residency to unfold VerySmallKitchen’s STUDIO project. This explores distinctive forms of teaching, learning, and writing that unfold from particular histories and practices of writing.” “Former Studio’s have explored minimalist poetry and a practice derived from Charles Olson’s open field poetics. Now I’m looking to unfold the forms and tactics that emerge from three months at the Bökship.”

“The residency will conclude in December. I’m leaving open for the moment whether this conclusion is a print and/or online publication, talk, workshop or installation. A fluidity between forms characterises a lot of the texts I’ll be looking at, and I want to consider how it might also inform and generate a discourse around them.”

For more information contact David on

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September 5, 2011 at 7:48 am

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