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DREAM/RE-DREAM. Action / Saturday 1 December 2012, 11am – 7pm

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Apparent Extent and X Marks the Bökship present: Christian Jendreiko
Saturday 1st of December: DREAM/RE-DREAM. Action 11am – 7pm

Düsseldorf-based artist Christian Jendreiko is known for making actions with large ensembles of trained or untrained performers in novel, site-specific settings. Lasting anywhere between two and seven hours and featuring performers with musical instruments in nonhierarchical and improvisatory fashion. As a bookshop and publisher X Marks the Bökship is esspecially interested in Jendreiko’s actions, because they use written instructions as notation, handed out to actors and audience alike, bringing these usually seperated groups together in a social sculpture.

For the London premiere of DREAM/RE-DREAM, Christian Jendreiko, Volker Zander & Eleanor Vonne Brown will perform at X Marks the Bökship over the course of a day from midday into the evening. Guests and friends are invited to enter, circulate and remain at Bökship as long as they wish. A special Bökship edition of the action script will be prepared. Since 2007 Jendreiko’s actions have been performed in the UK at Arnolfini, Bristol and Eastside Projects, Birmingham and in various galleries and art institutions throughout Europe and the US. Jendreiko has also presented work internationally since 1999 as a founding member of Düsseldorf/London-based artist collective hobbypopMUSEUM.

Apparent Extent is a record label based in Cologne, Germany. AE was founded by musician and composer Volker Zander in 2005. The label is mainly focusing on artist records, field recordings of artist performances, as well as music and soundtracks of filmworks and film installations.



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November 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm

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Launch of Sounds Like Silence. John Cage – 4’33” – Silence Today / Thursday 22 November 2012, 6 – 9pm

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Thursday 22 November 2012, 6 – 9pm
Launch of Sounds Like Silence. John Cage – 4’33” – Silence Today
Published by Spector Books 2012

7.30pm Introduction to the publishing practice of Spector Books
by publisher Anne Koenig and designer Pascal Storz.
Display of the current titles and back catalogue of Spector Books
Spector Books are distributed by Anagram Books

The title of this book and the exhibition it documents—Sounds Like Silence—is ambiguous.
On the one hand, silence effectively “sounds”—or as Cage put it, “There is no such thing as silence.”
On the other hand, sound needs silence in order to be heard. Even if complete silence does not exist, every sound implicitly conveys the notion of silence: there is no presence without absence. The double meaning of Sounds Like Silence therefore touches upon the central issues at stake in this project: what do we hear when there is nothing to hear; to what extent do we long for silence; and how much silence can we cope with—provided it even exists? John Cage’s 4’33” (four minutes, thirty-three seconds) premiered on August 29, 1952. This book presents new theoretical writings and artistic works referring to this groundbreaking work, together with original scores and the composer’s own variations, derivatives, and sequels of the “silent piece” in the years from 1962 to 1992.

Sounds Like Silence. John Cage – 4’33” – Silence Today
Edited by Dieter Daniels / Inke Arns
Published by Spector Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-3-940064-41-7
Retail Price £25.50
Special Launch Price £21.50

Spector Books are distributed by Anagram Books:

Spector books are Publishers of the Month at X Marks the Bökship
22 November – 22 December 2012

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November 17, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Launch of Da Thirst / Thursday 15 November 2012, 6.30 – 9pm

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“It’s finally time for Da Launch of Da First Issue of Da Thirst, in an exciting event featuring:




Da Thirst is a magazine established in 2012 by a group of Fine Art Media Department students at the Slade School of Fine Art. The aim of the magazine is to merge elements of contemporary digital culture with the more traditional practice of printed text and image as well as incorporating all the magazine essentials: wordsearches, origami, horoscopes, cartoons etc…

Featuring the work of: Claire Boyd, Sasha Litvinseva, Rose Rowson, Matt Copson, Ellen Yeon Kim, Bong, Emilie Atkinson, Siwon Kim, Joel Wycherley, Jennifer Martin, Rebecca Merrill, Martin Rowson, Sophie Littman, Dante Rendle Traynor, Babette Semner, William Saunders, Alex Springer, Richard Seaholme, Emilie Atkinson, Charlotte Boyd, Tom Clark, Hela Hellerich, Charlotte Murdoch and Plastique Fantastique”

X Marks the Bökship
210/ Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ

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