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Launch of Misery Connoisseur magazine / Friday 14 December 2012, 6 – 9pm

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Misery Connoisseur collects the scrapings of a post-cynical generation and smears it on gloss.”
Richard Parry, The Hayward Gallery

MC is a bi-annual glossy magazine art publication that curates the visual and theoretical artwork musings
of up to 30 creative practitioners in print only.

MC Online showcases 30-second adverts video commissions from featured artists within the magazine. Skype becomes the template fictional toolbox to transmute the recorded image. MC Live operates between the lines.

The launch event provides a space to act out the private view. Leading up to each issue contributors to the magazine perform negotiate their work outside the confines of the printed page.

Launch Program

Mal du Siècle !
Moral Malady with Cheese Connoisseur Jack Faulkner
Teasing and Tempting you with a selection of the Most Miserably Moist
and Mostly Mouldy Fromage.

Dirty Martini Bar MC’s very own Cocktail Waitress
Emma Hunt will be mixing Misery with Martini Melancholy with Metaphor.

Live screening with LA film-maker Jason Underhill.
Excessive stroking and objects of a nefarious nature from the beginning to the very end.

Duncan Wooldridge (Head of Photography at Camberwell College of Art)
and Alexandra Terry (Curator and Writer)
Deliberate and Hesitate in judging the most Miserable Mobile Phone Image.
The winner takes home a bottle of Vestal Vodka, to drink alone,
irresponsibly and without friends.

**With very special thanks to Flynn at Neal’s Yard Dairy and William at Vestal Vodka
for their generous donations.

Written by bökship

December 9, 2012 at 10:18 pm

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