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Publish and be Damned, Saturday 2 March 2013, 11 – 7pm

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Saturday 2 March 2013, 11 – 7pm 
Publish and be Damned at ICA, London 

Bovec Rocks!

This year the Publish And Be Damned self-publishers fair features over 50 publishers with experimental editorial directions and distribution strategies operating outside the mainstream.
X Marks the Bökship is bringing the sounds of the Bokship to the table with audio from:

‘a day without olives is like a day’ 
A new audio book of poetry and prose written by Jack Piers Scott in collaboration with the composer Lucy Claire Thornton.

‘Songs for Reading Into, Part One’


Recordings of recent talks and events at the Bokship including Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music by Ferruccio Busoni, published by Precinct and The History of Vinyl a talk by Carvery Cuts.

A selection of Artists’ Vinyl including records by Apparent ExtentTrestle RecordsTest Centre,Tom James Scott.

X Marks the Bökship will be sharing a table with Nieves and Daniel James Wilkinson
Come and visit us.


Bovec Rocks!

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February 28, 2013 at 4:09 pm

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Social Distribution / Works That Work

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The Bokship

Works That Work

X Marks the Bökship is a distribution hub for Works That Work a new international design magazine for manifestations of unexpected creativity. It is published by Typotheque and edited by Peter Biľak.

Works That Work intend to bypass traditional distribution networks which typically take the largest part of the cover price, as well as control where the publication will be sold and at what price. Instead they want to make their readers partners in this enterprise. Read more about Social Distribution:

Peter Bil’ak will be launching Works That Work at X Marks the Bökship on Friday 8 March 2013.

X Marks the Bökship
210/ Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ

Open Fri—Sat 11–6pm

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February 17, 2013 at 6:46 pm

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Temporary Services Talk / Thursday 21 February 2013, 7 – 9pm

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Temporary Services Talk

Thursday 21 February 2013, 7 – 9pm
Talk at 7.30pm

Temporary Services will be talking about their publishing history and the current terrain for artist book publishing after the financial meltdown of 2008.

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom, Marc Fischer and Salem Collo-Julin. We are based in Copenhagen, Chicago and Philadelphia. We have produced exhibitions, events, projects, and publications since 1998. We have created nearly 100 booklets, books, and newspapers and have used their distribution, online and offline, to build community, be accountable for our ideas, and to advocate for democratic, accessible forms of art making and production. We do not participate in the art market and book making has done a great deal to help us bypass the traditional power structures of access to audiences and control of economies. 

In 2008 we started our own publishing imprint and online store called Half Letter Press – named for the size of our publications. HLP gives increased focus to our publishing efforts. It also creates a small economic engine and independent infrastructure for us to continue to support the work of others, publish when we want to, and to make more substantial publications. It is also a way for us to insist on other, more egalitarian ways of doing business in relation to art.

We will talk about our publishing history and the current terrain for artist book publishing after the financial meltdown of 2008 that we all seem to STILL be navigating. Copies of our recent books will be available, including “Mobile Phenomena” by Temporary Services, “Revolution as an Eternal Dream: the Exemplary Failure of the Madame Binh Graphics Collective” by Mary Patten, and “Audible Dwelling” by the Danish group Learning Site.

This event is co-organized with Anagram Books who distribute Temporary Services.

Temporary Services have a new exhibition; Public & Mobile Phenomena at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, February 22 – March 23, 2013.


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February 16, 2013 at 5:57 pm

All day audio book installation.’ a day without olives is like a day.’ 12.30 – 9pm.

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A day without olives1

A day without olives2

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February 16, 2013 at 4:29 pm

‘a day without olives is like a day’, Jack Piers Scott / Saturday 16 February, 2013, 12.30 – 9pm

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Saturday 16 February, 2013, 12.30 – 9pm
Audio book installation during the day with evening launch
a day without olives is like a day’, Jack Piers Scott
Published by Corporeal


‘a day without olives is like a day’ is the second book of poetry and prose from Jack Piers Scott and an audio version of the same work with the author in collaboration with the composer Lucy Claire Thornton.

Written and compiled over the past few years, the texts range from descriptions of voyeuristic well-dressed gentlemen, to royalty in the throws of an existential crisis. This mixture of fact and fiction, of overheard conversations and character studies, brings together a vast array of truths, imaginings and absurdities, highlighting the shear multiplicity found within life.

The audio version narrated by Bill Milner (Son of Rambo, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll), the author and Paul McCleary, continues this broad stylistic approach by combining manipulated audio, field recordings and electro acoustic composition, to produce a wild and meditative world of sound in which the spoken word exist.

Jack Piers Scott graduated from Leeds Metropolitan in 2010 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art , he continues to write, design and make work.

Lucy Claire Thornton recently completed an MA in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music. She is in the middle of composing several arrangements combing string quartets with elements of electronic music.

Installation at Good Press Gallery, 2013


Listen here:

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February 9, 2013 at 11:54 pm

‘I’ve Never Read Her’ Book / Thursday 14 February, 2013, 7pm

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Thursday 14 February, 2013, 7pm
‘I’ve Never Read Her’ Book Club
Reading: Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

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February 9, 2013 at 11:52 pm

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Jonny on a Chorizo by Paul Haworth. Published by TRUE TRUE TRUE / Friday 15 February, 2013

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Friday 15 February, 2013
Book Launch
Jonny on a Chorizo by Paul Haworth
Published February 2013 by TRUE TRUE TRUE
Finale to the Silk Handkerchiefs trilogy

Reading by Paul Haworth at 7.30pm, hip-hop by Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot at 8pm


Jonny on a Chorizo by Paul Haworth

THE YEAR IS 2009. Gangs of children, some as young as ten, are slowly roasting puppies over bonfires. To be alive is unrelenting and grim.

ENOUGH. Because Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley is back – and this is his last goodbye.

Picking up straight after Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere, he returns exhausted, rebarbative, defeated. And impotent. A pact is made: if life remains so desperately miserable, Abs will get off this melancholy-go-round once and for all. But his luck and his London are about to change, following a chance meeting with Ga—

No to spoilers: Jonny on a Chorizo is a book of surprise and adventure. Carrying the reader on a joyous ride through London – its pearly queens, crushed dreams, bashment, blue jeans, scenes of romance in Crowlands – towards a heartfelt climax. Une fin véritable to a trilogy which began with the publication of Silk Handkerchiefs in 2009.

So let’s bump uglies, dance about the Maypole and have one last night at the St Moritz, because this is it: Jonny on a Chorizo is the end for Abs.

Vivat Regina!


Silk Handkerchiefs (2009), Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere (2011) and Jonny on a Chorizo (2013). Our narrator is Alex ‘Abs’ Brenchley: seven feet of cherry-sweet loving. With each book taking place over one year, events from 2007 to 2009 energise the narrative as we follow Abs on a life-affirming adventure throughout London. There is Monarchy, dogging, Kahlúa, gangs, galleries, grime and LOVE. Tall, sinewy, statuesque and virile, she is sensualabsational. Her name is Trevoreesia.

Paul Haworth is a writer and rapper. He has participated in events at the Barbican Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Motto Berlin and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. The books are designed and published by Sam de Groot, who works as a freelance graphic designer in Amsterdam and teaches typography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Together, Paul Haworth and Sam de Groot wrote Andy de Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross (2009) and released the hip-hop EP Good at Goodbyes (2012).

X Marks the Bökship
210 / Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ

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February 9, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Bad Press: The Institute of Our Love in Disrepair by Sophie Robinson
/ Friday 8 February 2013, 7 – 9pm

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Friday 8 February 2013, 7 – 9pm
Poetry Book Launch
The Institute of Our Love in Disrepair by Sophie Robinson
Published by Bad Press, 2012

Bad Press have been Bad for TEN YEARS! Come and help celebrate this together with the launch of Sophie Robinson’s new book, The Institute of Our Love in Disrepair.

SOPHIE ROBINSON will read from her new book
& CONNIE SCOZZARO will read their poems

Sophie Robinson is a contemporary English poet. Her creative and critical work has been published in Pilot, How2, Dusie, and the anthologies Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century and The Reality Street Book of Sonnets.

Bad Press (EST. 2003) was born in Cambridge, and has since lived in London, Devon and Cornwall. A small poetry press, publishing occasional chapbooks of the finest in cutting-edge lyric proficiency.


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