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Daniel James Wilkinson is Publisher of the Month

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Printed Matter

Daniel James Wilkinson’s work is based on archival research into forgotten societies and other speculative social systems. Presenting found material and reconstructing books; notes and documents, his installations and books explore the fringes of science, rationalism and belief. His works are layered with elements of nostalgic popular culture and modernist pictorial language. The works are rich in occultist design and devoid of literal explanation and are intricately constructed to recall/recreate the exuberance, excess and energy of a character or object.

Daniel will be presenting a selection of printed matter and limited edition publications he has produced over the last few years living being the Bökship. The latest issue of The Paragrin, a 1970s parody of a North Welsh newsletter will be released during the month.

Join us for a gin and tonic on Saturday 4 May from 6 – 9pm. James Wilkinson

Written by bökship

May 2, 2013 at 11:47 am

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