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READING A YEAR: Performance/reading of YEAR 13 / Thursday 27 June 2013, 6 – 9pm

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Komplot is presenting YEAR 13 during a surprise-party with our friends and colleagues from London.

Thursday 27 June 2013, 6 – 9pm
READING A YEAR: Performance/reading of YEAR 13
-Roisin Byrne
-Anthea Hamilton
-Gérard Meurant
-Douglas Park
-& Sonya Dermience, David Evrard, Alberto García del Castillo



You can also come and drink a tea with us the day before!

Wednesday 26 June 2013, 6 – 9pm
-Round table with the authors: Sonia Dermience, David Evrard, Alberto García del Castillo.
-Special tribute to Ellen Cantor


Flip through the pages of the magazine here:

Read more about the project here:

YEAR is the annual yearbook showcasing a subjective, abstract, moving scene. The third issue of YEAR is, again, an almanac, a programme, a diary and a lot of glam shit handsome gorgeous terrific “blah blah blah” gathering together more than 85 prospective and retrospective contributions. Theory, poetry and narration mingle with the visual in what unravels, page after page – a landscape full of details and perspectives. On the one hand it is a printed exhibition, on the other a garden hosting an experimental barbecue with dead lipstick and redneck zombies, plus a lake and a few books. Can you smell that? Where does this come from, huh? And discussions behind every bush and column.

It’s not really necessary to number the pages, we think, as it’s just like having a map in each room of your apartment. Nor is it arranged in the order of the twelve months between May 2012 and April 2013, but rather around twelve sections named after Belgian discos. This dancing factory was generated through research led by the DSCTHK collective, which gathered together the historic material, and then formalised it in the twelve inside covers by Überknackig. In this edition of YEAR, the seasons are introduced with musical notes by Jean-Yves Evrard, mirrored with images of scattered glasses by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. Anthea Hamilton painted the sides of the pages: Each book is a piece of the puzzle of a pile of eighteen YEARs.

y11.otf – aka ‘Melody’ – is the first font composed from the first YEAR pages, scanned and processed by Fonzie (thanks to Pierre & Pierre). Its jumping and bumping characters happened to be ideal for poetry and music lyrics, unlike ‘Gentium’ – a typeface for the nation – used elsewhere in the book.


Komplot is a curatorial collective (of variable composition and condition since 2002) concerned with nomadic creative practices and trends of specialisation. Projects such as ‘Midi Zuid’ (on gentrification and speculation), ‘Vollevox’ (on the voice in contemporary art) or ‘Architecture of Survival’ (on ephemeral architecture) explored new terrain in relation to objects, spaces, artists and the public. Komplot conducted extensive research into post ’68 collaborative art practices in Belgium; organising seminars and making two documentary films. Komplot now hosts The Public School Brussels, a platform open to creative and participative contributions in all fields of knowledge and experience. Newly installed in their venue next the Wiels, Komplot produces exhibitions, films, books and an annual magazine titled Year.


DIRECTORS: Sonia Dermience, David Evrard, Alberto García del Castillo
EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: Devrim Bayar, Yann Chevallier, Jill Gasparina, Pierre Huyghebaert, Jean Paul Jacquet, Agata Jastrzabek, Elena Sorokina
DESIGN: Überknackig
CONTRIBUTORS: Painting : Anthea Hamilton, Cover photo: Fabrice Dermience
Damien Airault, Shane Anderson, Sylvie Arnaud, Isabelle Arthuis, Sven Augustijnen, Patrick Bobilin, Francisco Camacho, Ellen Cantor, CAREFOUR, Gabriella Ciancimino, Contour, Boris Crack, François Curlet, Mathis Collins, Carles Congost, Anna Davinski Foundation, Isabelle de Visscher-Lemaitre, Federico del Vecchio, DSCTHK, Etablissement d’en Face, Jean-Yves Evrard, Tatiana Fernandez Echeverri, France Fiction, FLINT-FUYT, André Fortino, Michel François, Charles Garcin, Jill Gasparina, Mathis Gasser, Armand Gatti, Laetitia Gendre, Adel Ghezal, Karl Holmqvist, Huz & Bosshard, Vincent Honoré / Ben Cain, Hotel Charleroi, Jean Paul Jacquet, Benjamin Jaubert, Renaud Jerez, Agata Jastrzabek & Laszlo Umbreit, Ilja Karilampi, Kim Kim Gallery, Lucas Knipscher, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Estelle Lecaille, Erwan Mahéo, David Malek, Fiona McKay, Estelle Nabeyrat, Michelle Naismith, Lise Nelleman, Bavo Olbrechts, Douglas Park, Gianandrea Poletta, Carl Palm, Yann Perol, Guillaume Robert, Viktor Rosdahl, John Russell, Gio Black Peter, Fabrice Pichat, Emilie Pitoiset, Sten Are Sandbeck, Timothy Stappaert, Jaro Straub, Peter Sutherland, Fleur van Muiswinkel, Benjamin Valenza, France Valliccioni, Joelle Van Autreve, Lauren VHS, Wepion.

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Follow Downing Street Play on Twitter / Premiering Tuesday, June 25, 8 pm London Time

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Downing Street
Premiering Tuesday, June 25, 8 pm London Time
New Documents is pleased to present Downing Street, a play by artist Eva Weinmayr, writer John Moseley, and journalist Titus Kroder. The narrative arises out of true events: Weinmayr sold two of her works from the Today’s Question series to the UK Government Art Collection. When David Cameron became Prime Minister, his wife Samantha chose Weinmayr’s work to hang on the walls in their private residence at Downing St. The artist’s attempts to contact the Camerons about their choice was ignored.
The 30-minute fiction will premiere on Twitter June 25, 2013, 8 pm London Time—the eve of the UK Government Spending Review which will cut Britain’s cultural budget by  £ 1.2 bn. To follow the performance, follow the #Downing_St hashtag. The play will be published as a book by New Documents later this year.

Cast of Characters
Sam (@Sam_DowningSt)
Likes everything creative. Married Dave for his manners and party trick of opening beer bottles with teeth. Enjoys privileged life as politician’s better half.
Dave (@Dave_DowningSt)
Previous roles in PR. Now running a whole country (into the ground). Responsible for UK budget cuts of £ 81 bn. No discernible interests, hobbies or passions.
Eva (@Artis_DowningSt)
Created art that found its way into Downing St. Seeks explanation: Why is her political work applauded by wrong audience? Shifts her art to creating encounters.
Narrator (@Narra_DowningSt)
Disembodied and disinterested omniscient consciousness. Currently under indictment on phone hacking charges.
Pause (@Pause_DowningSt)
“ . . . ”
Awkward Pause (@Awkwa_DowningSt)
“ >:£$%^&*( ”
Ambassador (@ Ambas_DowningSt)
Privileged son of Eastern Bloc nomenklatura. Sees ornament as crime. Extends this approach to politics. Antenna for avant-garde art.
Arthandler_2 (@Arth2_DowningSt)
Tries to make it as a visual artist. Earns living as gallery assistant at Victoria & Albert Museum. Works spare time on editorial board of Occupy Magazine.
Arthandler_1 (@Arth1_DowningSt)
Tries to be like Arthandler_2.
Lottery Winner (@Lotte_DowningSt)
From Little Popston on the Wolde, Surrey. Devotee of Margaret Thatcher and staunch proponent of the philosophy of ‘standing on your own two feet’.
Phoebe (@Phoeb_DowningSt)
Engulfed in turbulent events when only out to complete inventory list for the Government Art Collection. Married to bond trader she met while at the Courtauld.
Horse Guard (@Horse_DowningSt)
Loyal man of the Crown devoted to serving as decorative prop for gormlessly smiling tourists.

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Launch of Groove Script by Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards / Saturday 22 June 2013, 6 – 9pm

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Saturday 22 June 2013, 6 – 9pm
Launch of Groove Script
Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards

Groove Script takes its title from an article written by Moholy-Nagy in 1923 entitled New Form In Music: Potentialities Of The Phonograph. In the article he posits the idea of a ‘groove script alphabet…that the phonograph be transformed from an instrument of reproduction into one of production; this will cause the sound phenomenon itself to be created on the record, which carried no prior acoustic message, by the incision of groove-script lines as required.’

The film and publication take on this notion of potentiality to explore the ‘groove-script’ and the processes which might enliven and radicalize ideas and possibilities of the ‘independent’ artist. Voices include Poly Styrene, Dennis Potter, Ken Loach, Townes Van Zandt and Beryl Ritchie, the only female cutting engineer in the music industry during the 1970’s. Images are a collection of found photographs once belonging to an amateur photography enthusiast, hand developed in a dark-room. The photocopier, light from a super-eight projector, slide cases and string get the job of bringing the groove-script to life – one of continual improvisation, remembering and re-enlivening past changes to de-stabilise the present.

These works form part of a new series by The Central Polytechnic, Cattle and Richards collective identity.


xgroove xgroove2

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Screening of Stealing A Nation, by John Pilger / 19 June 2013, 7pm

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Screening of Stealing A Nation, by John Pilger

During the last two weeks of June, the award winning documentary Stealing A Nation, by John Pilger, will be shown at venues across Hackney. The film describes the struggle of the Chagossians, a population of 2000 or so people who were forcibly removed from their homes by the British government in the late sixties and early seventies. In doing so, it provides an insight into the particular form of democracy practised in Britain.

Read more

The screenings are free and all are welcome. The film is one hour long and will be followed by some discussion. Screenings are to be held at Pogo Café on Clarence Road, X Marks the Bökship on Cambridge Heath Road, Project/Number on Cazenove Road, The Russet on Amhurst Terrace.

Contact Adam Burton for more information – – 07746927412.

For information about how to support the Chagossians please visit the UK Chagos Refugees Group / Chagos Support web site, or Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter:

Stealing A Nation is available to watch free on-line here –

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Post-City TALK. Tuesday 18 June, 7pm

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Tuesday 18 June, 7pm
Talk: Post-City
Matthew Butcher talks with Manuela Dechamps Otamendi on prize-winning book Post-City.

As part of the Fernand Baudin exhibition of prize-winning books from Brussels and Wallonia, Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, designer of ‘Post-City’ will be talking with Post Works designer Matthew Butcher about her award-winning publication and editoria design practice.

Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is a Brussels based graphic designer where she has run her own company since 2006. She teaches at ERG: École de Recherche Graphique. She co-founded the studio SalutPublic in 2002 and taught at the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Liège from 2007 till 2012. She mainly works for the cultural sector and holds a special interest for architecture.

Her unique approach is guided by the quest for an inextricable bond between form and content. Her research process incorporates sensitivity to materials and production methods. The last 5 years she focused on editorial design and won several awards including The Fernand Baudin prize in 2012 for Post-City.

Post-City was the publication for the Luxembourg pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale entitled Futura Bold? Post-City: Considering the Luxembourg case. It is a speculative exploration of the future issues that cities of the 21st century will be facing. Using Luxembourg as a case study, Post-City seeks an attitude toward the forces of the urban environment instead of concluding with an urban proposal. Post-City poses pertinent questions that arise from Luxembourg’s urban conditions today.

Matthew Butcher is a designer working across the fields of architecture, art and performance art. He founded Post Works with Melissa Appleton in 2009. Recent projects and exhibitions by the practice include ‘Stage City’ (exhibited at the V&A Museum, Prague Quadrennial and the Royal Academy), ‘No Stop, Statue, Machine’ (shown at the ICA, London) and ‘Wash House Carnival Arena’ (exhibited in Guimarães, Portugal, as part of the city’s 2012 European Capital of Culture art and architecture program). His work has been published in Art Review, The New York Times, The Architects Journal, RIBA Journal, Domus, Architecture Today, Blueprint and ICON Magazine. Matthew is also a lecturer in architecture and performance at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and is a co-founder and editor of the architectural newspaper P.E.A.R.: Paper for Emerging Architectural Research.


POST—CITY Luxembourg Pavilion 2012
Publication, 35,5 x 48,5 cm (2012)
Authors: Yi-der Chou, Radim Louda, Philippe Nathan
Editor: Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’ingénierie Luxembourg
Photographer: Maxime Delvaux
Illustrations: Eva Le Roi

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CSM publication project: Postscript

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This project by recently graduated CSM students attempts to expand ways of representing
an artwork through a publication.


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Talk: Felix by Leen Voet / Saturday 15 June, 4pm

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Saturday 15 June, 4pm
Talk: Felix by Leen Voet
Phil Baines talks with Leen Voet (artist) and Inge Ketelers and Michaël Bussaer (graphic designers) about prize-winning book Felix.

Between 2009 and 2010 Leen Voet realized 774 drawings based on the works of the painter Felix De Boeck (1898-1995). The complete series, originally drawn with pencil on A4 paper, are reproduced in the book called Felix.

Leen Voet’s request to the FeliXart Museum for the full list of works that were originally donated by the artist to the township of Drogenbos and subsequently transferred to custodianship of the Flemish Community, led to the an image bank containing 774 pieces. In the works of this pioneer of modernism, who later evolved towards a tormented symbolism, the same motifs are being repeated over and over. Felix De Boeck made multiple copies of his own paintings. He constructed his compositions in full accordance with the geometric laws of the circle.

Each image found on the image bank is only drawn once. The time consuming operation of copying this body of works, with pencil on a standard A4 drawing paper, does not aim to reassess his oeuvre. Physical properties such as size are denied in the drawings; the formats of the pictures are levelled to become uniform; paint is translated into pencil lines; stripes obsessively fill the paper.

FELIX-Leen Voet-7

FELIX 2009-2010
Series of 774 drawings, pencil on A4 paper.
FELIX book edition of 500 copies drawings by Leen Voet
Published by Grotto & Grafische
Designed by Michael Bussaer & Inge Ketelers © 2012

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The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula J Le Guin / ‘I’ve Never Read Her’ Book Club

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Thursday 13 June 2013, 7pm
‘I’ve Never Read Her’ Book Club of Short Fiction and Essays by Women
Reading The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula J Le Guin

Ursula J Le Guin is an American author of novels, children’s books, and short stories, mainly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. She has also written poetry and essays. First published in the 1960s, her work has often depicted futuristic or imaginary alternative worlds in politics, natural environment, gender, religion, sexuality and ethnography. For June 2013 we will be reading her short story – The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (downloadable PDF). Get your copy of the Short Story collection from which this story is taken from your local charity shop, independent bookshop or library or download the PDF at

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LOVE IN THE MORNING, MAGIC IN THE AFTERNOON / Monday 10 June 2013, 11 – 5pm

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Monday 10 June 2013, 11 – 5pm

‘States of Being’ is an ongoing reading group led by Art Writing, and composed primarily of students from Goldsmiths various Fine Art Masters. It has been an experimental ground to focus on themes that are linked with different states of being, and how these themes relate to art production, fruition and critique.
In this one-day seminar at X Marks the Bökship, the reading group will open to the public, and Goldsmiths students, as well as invited guests, will prepare presentations for discussion among all participants.

The themes will be Love and Magic, in their relation to critique and art production. Contextual readings will be distributed in advance, so all participants can engage with the themes. Love will be seen from various facets, from love as critique and absence of relation, to attempting love through Albert Camus’ absurd reasoning on suicide. The power of magic and the magic of power will be addressed and debated in a presentation called ‘with hands like these’, alongside references to mandrake as a metaphor for a transition between states. Magic will be tackled also from the viewpoint of a selection of miracles drawn from the Golden Legend – saints, via their miracles, will be seen as connective points that allow the mystical and divine to mingle with and effect the mundane. The final presentation will focus on seduction as crossing point between love and magic, through the figure of the femme fatale.

Readings shall be sent to participants, and will include excerpts from Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus, from Jacobus de Voragine’s Golden Legend, from Taussig’s The Language of Flowers, and from Mauss’ A General Theory of Magic. The texts can be read by participants beforehand, to contextualize and help in the overall discussion.

Sarina Basta
Mary Rinebold
Linda Stupart
Joseph Noonan-Ganley
Kyoung Kim
Abri de Swardt
Catherine Smiles
Daphne Sonneville
Kyra Kordoski
Beatrice Schulz
Alice Brooke

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The FERNAND BAUDIN PRIZE / Exhibition of prize-winning books and catalogue launch / Saturday 8 JUNE 2013, 4pm‏

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The FERNAND BAUDIN PRIZE awards each year the Most Beautiful Books in Brussels and in Wallonia. By honouring the finest books, the Prize seeks to support and encourage contemporary bookmaking in Brussels and in Wallonia, and to highlight graphic design as a creative industry. The Prize is an opportunity to promote the know-how of the book professionals and artisans, to raise public awareness towards book design, and to instigate international exchanges. In 2013, they celebrate their fifth edition.

The 9 prize-winning books of the Fernand Baudin Prize 2012 will be on display and available for purchase at bookshop X Marks the Bökship from 8 June until 6 July 2013. Please join us for an informal meeting with the Award Winners and a discussion on the graphic and editorial concept of the new catalogue with graphic designers Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé.

For the first time since the creation of the Baudin Prize, the new catalogue honours FERNAND BAUDIN, the Belgian typographic designer, author and teacher. He was involved in various professional institutions in Belgium and abroad such as Graphica Belgica Prize, Rencontres de Lure or Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) of which he was the vice-president. His two authoritative books are La Typographie au tableau noir and L’Effet Gutenberg. Thanks to a close collaboration with Baudin’s wife and children, this book is a new reference work on Baudin, revealing exclusive documents from Fernand Baudin’s archives kept in the rare books and manuscripts section at the Université libre de Bruxelles. The Dossier Fernand Baudin gathers correspondence with international book professionals and texts written or translated by Baudin, previously unreleased or published in various journals, or read in conferences internationally. This selection of texts, presented in a chronological order and covering a period going from 1958 to 1998, conveys a panorama of the ideas developed and advocated by the author all along his career: the history of writing and the education of handwriting in particular, the evolution of the graphic tools and his study of certain aspects of the history of publishing.


For more information:
Annelies Lievrouw Coordinator of the Fernand Baudin Prize
Fernand Baudin Prize Press information

The Fernand Baudin Prize is supported by Brussels Invest and Export (BIE), Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) and the Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investments (AWEX)

The Fernand Baudin Prize is Publisher of the Month throughout June 2013 at X Marks the Bökship.

OPENING Saturday 8 June at 4 pm
EXHIBITION 8 June – 6 July 2013
Opening hours Thursday to Saturday 11am – 6 pm

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