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Talk: Felix by Leen Voet / Saturday 15 June, 4pm

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Saturday 15 June, 4pm
Talk: Felix by Leen Voet
Phil Baines talks with Leen Voet (artist) and Inge Ketelers and Michaël Bussaer (graphic designers) about prize-winning book Felix.

Between 2009 and 2010 Leen Voet realized 774 drawings based on the works of the painter Felix De Boeck (1898-1995). The complete series, originally drawn with pencil on A4 paper, are reproduced in the book called Felix.

Leen Voet’s request to the FeliXart Museum for the full list of works that were originally donated by the artist to the township of Drogenbos and subsequently transferred to custodianship of the Flemish Community, led to the an image bank containing 774 pieces. In the works of this pioneer of modernism, who later evolved towards a tormented symbolism, the same motifs are being repeated over and over. Felix De Boeck made multiple copies of his own paintings. He constructed his compositions in full accordance with the geometric laws of the circle.

Each image found on the image bank is only drawn once. The time consuming operation of copying this body of works, with pencil on a standard A4 drawing paper, does not aim to reassess his oeuvre. Physical properties such as size are denied in the drawings; the formats of the pictures are levelled to become uniform; paint is translated into pencil lines; stripes obsessively fill the paper.

FELIX-Leen Voet-7

FELIX 2009-2010
Series of 774 drawings, pencil on A4 paper.
FELIX book edition of 500 copies drawings by Leen Voet
Published by Grotto & Grafische
Designed by Michael Bussaer & Inge Ketelers © 2012

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