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Launch of Slide Shows curated by Charlotte Cheetham / Saturday 19 October, 7 – 9pm

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Released in conjunction with Issue 18 of Fillip magazine, Slide Shows documents a specially commissioned Web video project by French curator Charlotte Cheetham on the landscape of international art publishing and design. Originally taking the form of a series of video presentations by publishers, designers, and artists, Slide Shows offers one possible cross section of a newly emergent field of book production. This publication documents the project, serving as a pocket reference to each of the profiles included in the series.

2013, English‚ 14 x 21 cm, 40 pages‚ ISBN:978-1-927354-12-4

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Slide Shows, a series of self-portraits, offers one possible landscape of a newly emerging scene of independent and contemporary art publishing. Curated by Charlotte Cheetham  and produced by Fillip , the initiative begun in 2012 in conjunction with Fillip‚ Institutions by Artists conference in the fall of 2012 in Vancouver, and take the form of a series of video hosted on Tumblr. With the sequential rhythm of the pages of a book, the slideshows depict portraits of publishers, artists, designers, booksellers, and others working in the contemporary field of independent and art publishing.

This set gives form to one possible look at this field, staging the printed work and research of some of its leading figures. Through the familiar (nostalgic) format of consecutive captioned images, these slideshow videos are mobilized in the service of these characters, whose images and texts speak to a still developing landscape of practice, as if they anticipate the transmission of a still moving memory, thus captured for a moment. This partially decontextualized narrative space in which information is displayed in a state of silent diffusion (such as the book) can be freely visited, alone, on a computer, or with others in a less intimate space as was the case when the videos were initially presented. (A wink to the noxious zapping rhythm of information online, but here, presented so that its stories may be savoured, its collected archive is unpacked.) After a pocket guide that was printed and inserted into the Fillip #18, the project will culminate in a printed volume that will document each slideshow, available in 2014. Enjoy!

Slide Shows includes contributions by 4478zine, And publishing, Xavier Antin, Booklet, Cambridge Books, Cannon Magazine, Charlotte Cheetham, An Endless Supply, Grotto, David Horvitz, Int. Typo. Union, Erik Kessels, James Langdon, mono.kultur, Samuel Nyholm, Occasional Papers, Oslo Editions, Precinct, Michalis Pichler, Elias Redstone, David Senior, split/fountain, Eva Weinmayr, and Wendy Yao.

Slide Shows, a series of video self-portraits, offers one possible landscape of a newly emerging scene of independent and contemporary art publishing.

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October 14, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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