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Writer in Resident: Rebecca Jagoe

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Rebecca Jagoe is Writer in Residence for the duration of X Marks the Bokship’s X-Operative exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre.

‘Through lecture performance and written pieces, Rebecca Jagoe explores the appropriation of texts and the practical application of the metaphysical to everyday life. She will be using the residency to explore an ongoing interest in the archaeological interpretation of megalithic structures, the devolution of technology, time capsules, and nuclear waste. She will also use the time to continue an extended work featuring a solitary protagonist preoccupied with routine, structure, and the number 2.

Rebecca Jagoe is co-editor of the art writing journal YFR. Recent Recent shows and performances include ‘Adoption and Divorce’ (HFBK, Hamburg, June 2013), ‘LUPAFETE’ (London, June 2013), and ‘Building Your House on the Edge of a Cliff’ (New Gallery, Peckham, March 2013). Her writing has been published in journals including 2HB, YFR and SALT. .’


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December 11, 2013 at 3:17 pm

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