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Clever Men’s Art

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Clever Mens Art

Saturday 15 February 2014, 3 – 5pm * afternoon launch

a publication edited by Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler 
with: Pawel Althammer, Francis Alys, Stuart Bailey, Urs Bechdel, Jerome Bel, Christoph Büchel, Maurizio Cattelan, Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Chris Evans, Harrell Fletcher, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Ryan Gander, Liam Gillick, Kenneth Goldsmith, Tue Greenfort Jens Haaning, David Hammons, Will Holder, Rafael Horzon, Pierre Huyghe, Christian Jankowski, San Keller, Martin Kippenberger, Ragnar Kjartansson, Peter Liversidge, Renzo Martens, Roman Ondak, Rene Pollesch, Joe Scanlan, Gregor Schneider, Tino Sehgal, Jamie Shovlin, David Shrigley, Florian Slotawa, Elaine Sturtevant, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Franz West

Rosalie & Maria will also show holiday snapshots of

a public holiday for female artists, funded the city of Munich
with: Kathrin Böhm, Anna McCarthy, Manuela Gernedel, Florence Jung, Simone Koller, Laure Prouvost, Romy Rüegger, Margit Säde Lehni, Rebecca Stephany, Pilvi Takala, Triin Tamm, Deniz Unal, Eva Weinmayr, Felica van Zweigbergk

Clever Men’s Art is a googled collection of artist statements, reviews and portraits.
Clever Men’s Art is a response to the fact that the art world gladly incorporates feminism, immaterial labour, care work, unprofessionalism, anti-hierarchical structures, institutional critique and everyday aesthetics as long as they are authored by men.

Clever Men’s Art Clever Men’s Art exposes the art world’s mechanism of endorsement as empty, ridiculous, repetitive, megalomaniac and boring phrases: A system of mutual self-validation in which a harmless and anticipated criticality is the token exchanged.

Clever Men’s Art is a joke about Clever Men’s Art.

Clever Men’s Art is edited by Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler.

Rosalie Schweiker is one of the most productive exhibition makers in the world. He has been co-director of London’s Serpentine Gallery since 2006.

Maria Guggenbichler founded Kunst-Werke (KW) Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin in 1991 at the young age of 24. Since January 2010 he has been director at P.S.1, MoMA’s center for contemporary art.


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February 17, 2014 at 12:44 pm

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