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Rebecca Jagoe

Bökship Writer-in-Residence Rebecca Jagoe and Daniella Valz Gen present two new readings.


It was nice, with African cichlids and tiger barbs in it and live plants, it was a beautifully kept fish tank, very clean. I used to like to just sit there and watch them swim around, basically. I used to enjoy the planning and the set-up, the filtration, read about how to keep the nitrate and ammonia down to safe levels and just the whole spectrum of fish-keeping interested me. I once saw some puffer fish in the store. It’s a round fish, and the only ones I ever saw with both eyes in front, like a person’s eyes, and they would come right up to the front of the glass and their eyes would be crystal blue, like a person’s, real cute. It’s a fun hobby. I really enjoyed that fish tank. It’s something I really miss.


The carnelian however, was perfect. It looked like honey, like deep red shiny honey, it was as if it was enclosed in white air, a very thin layer of white air. That’s how it looked against the light. It was shaped like an organ, a liver perhaps, a small crystalline liver. She brought it to her lips, she wanted to feel its temperature, and to check with the tip of her tongue if it in fact was not made of hard honey.



‘Through lecture performance and written pieces, Rebecca Jagoe explores the appropriation of texts and the practical application of the metaphysical to everyday life. Jagoe is co-editor of the art writing journal YFR. Recent Recent shows and performances include ‘Adoption and Divorce’ (HFBK, Hamburg, June 2013), ‘LUPAFETE’ (London, June 2013), and ‘Building Your House on the Edge of a Cliff’ (New Gallery, Peckham, March 2013). Her writing has been published in journals including 2HB, YFR and SALT. .’

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April 11, 2014 at 2:05 pm

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