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Publication as Practice # 4: I start from the image of an end, FormContent / Wednesday 29 October 2014, 7pm

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Wednesday 29 October 2014, 7pm
Publication as Practice
# 4: I start from the image of an end : A conversation around “It’s moving from I to It – The Book”
Talk starts at 7.15pm

Participants: Pieternel Vermoortel (commissioning/producing), Paul Becker,Bianca Baroni (editing), Paulus Dreibholz (design), Eleanor Vonne Brown (distribution), Gil Leung/Michael Newman (contribution/content production), the reader (the public).

I start from the image of an end opens up FormContent’s most recent publication through the perspectives of those who have actively participated in its conception, production and dissemination. Structured as an informal conversation each one of the parties touches upon role played in the development and presentation of the book (respectively distribution, design, editing and content production). The conversation is then punctuated by a fifth person: a narrator, a figure that allows the content of the book to organically fold into the discussion. By bringing in actual bits of the publication, the narrator not only opens up few crucial passages of its narrative development. It orchestrates the positions of the speakers as much it does for the multitude of authorial voices that have crowded “It’s moving from I to It” over two years.

“It’s moving from I to It” is a nomadic project that evolved approximately over two years through different initiatives encompassing exhibitions, commissioned texts, performances, readings and talks. By embracing fiction as a curatorial framework each event/initiative has entered the programme as a scene would feed into the narrative trajectory of a script. As such the project has included a total of 17 scenes, differently animated by a set of characters and contextualized in different locations and timeframes. The project culminated into the “The Play”, a script written and directed by Tim Etchells’ as the final commission of the programme. Using language to retrace the narrative development of the project and appropriate the various voices that crowded it, this text exploring a kind of minimalist deconstructive theatre that is at the heart of Etchells’ practice. After having been launched at Tate Modern in January 2014 the script has been performed across several art venues in Uk and abroad.

Consistently with the particular trajectory delineating the programme the book is articulated into seventeen scenes, bringing together commissioned material as well as documentation of off-site exhibitions and events. In addition to such content the book also delves into the actual process that foregrounded “It’s moving from I to It” by implementing working material, collateral writing, published texts and graphics.

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