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Fragmentation of Time and Space, The Art Books of Jarosław Kozłowski

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Fragmentation of Time and Space
The Art Books of Jarosław Kozłowski
19 November  – 14 December 2014
Preview Sunday 16 November 2 – 5pm alongside Revolver II Part 3 at Matt’s Gallery

The art books of Jarosław Kozłowski (1945, Poland) have their roots in conceptualism.
Kozłowski’s work is marked by a critical-analytical discourse with art and the mechanisms of perception, self-reflection and the building of correlations between the grammar of the artistic language and the sphere of meaning. In the 1970s the artist created works of a purely linguistic nature; they reflected his interest in language games and puns. The exhibited books include Lesson (1973), Exercise of Aesthetics (1976) Three Thirty and Fifty One (1989). A new printing of “Reality” (1972) has been published to accompany the exhibition.

Sunday 16 November 2014, 2 – 5pm
Launch of “REALITY” by Jarosław Kozłowski
3rd Printing 2014, Matt’s Gallery / X Marks the Bökship

“REALITY “ is based on Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. It is a precise copy of the third subchapter of The Transcendental Power of Pure Judgement (Analysis of Principles) from Doctrine of Elements (part II, section 1). “REALITY” means reality.

. , : ; – ( ) / / ” “ ! ? … ­– or punctuation – is something which escapes conformation with metalinguistic reality and which does not constitute either its representation nor its description (in written language).
Although we commonly refer to punctuation marks, these notations have no meaning external to themselves. They do not have any models in meatalinguistic reality and themselves do not model any elements of that reality. They have no designates, while, simultaneously, not being void, they are therefore neutral vis-à-vis metalinguistic reality.

. , : ; – ( ) / / ” “ ! ? … ­create reality which is e q u i v a l e n t   to metalinguistic reality. In a sense they are the only “REALITY” reality of ‘Jarosław Kozłowski ‘.

Con-Text, Bunkier Sztuki, 2009

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