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Publication as Practice II # 4. Jarosław Kozłowski / Wednesday 19 November

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Publication as Practice II
A short course on concepts of artists’ publications

This talk series by artists, writers, designers and publishers covers a range of concepts behind artist books and experimental publications. Speakers include Simon Morris (Information as Material), James Langdon, Nicole Bachmann and Ruth Beale (Performance as Publishing), FormContent, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Sophie Demay & Charlotte Cheetham,
Events take place on Wednesday evenings between September – December 2014. FREE.Wednesday 1 October 2014, 7pm


# 4. Fragmentation of Time and Space
Jarosław Kozłowski
Wednesday 19 November 2014, 7pm
Talk starts at 7.15pm


The art books of Jarosław Kozłowski (1945, Poland) have their roots in conceptualism.
Kozłowski’s work is marked by a critical-analytical discourse with art and the mechanisms of perception, self-reflection and the building of correlations between the grammar of the artistic language and the sphere of meaning. In the 1970s the artist created works of a purely linguistic nature; they reflected his interest in language games and puns. Kozłowski will talk about the books he produced during this time and refer them to the time and art context of the 70s.

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