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Dan Perjovschi Billboard

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Dan Perjovschi BillBoard


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July 4, 2015 at 1:11 pm

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Drawing Room Confessions / Saturday 4 July 2015, 5 – 8pm

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Publisher of the Month: July
Drawing Room Confessions

Drawing Room Confessions is a printed journal named after a parlour game played by Marcel Proust, the Surrealists and others. Each book from the series uses exchanges and playful games to create a unique portrait of an individual artist.

Five different sections: The Egoist, The Blind Man, Two to Tango, For the Time Being and La Madeleine, plus the occasional appereance of The Double Dealer and Ekphrasis, comprise the Rules of the Game, which are the same in each issue. What changes are the players, or interviewers, who open each round of conversation with the featured artist and who come from a wide range of fields.Drawing Room Confessions is created by Manuela Ribadeneira and Vincent Honoré with Benjamin Reichen. Design by Åbäke

During July the full set of Drawing Room Confessions will be exhibited at X Marks the Bökship accompanied by the start of a collection of visual footnotes illustrating the complex referencing and citation that appears in each edition. Giving centre stage to the marginalia, the selected footnotes chosen by the publisher and distributor are represented by objects and prints and offer an entry point into the publications, which consciously choose to exclude images, and add another layer or player to the game.

Drinks will be served from 5pm and an audio recording of the transcript between Richard Wentworth and Tom Sachs in conversation will be played at 7pm.

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July 4, 2015 at 1:09 pm

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Paul Buck’s Pressed Curtains tapes / Tuesday 30 June 2015

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Paul Buck’s Pressed Curtains tapes
Test Centre Launch and Listening Event, 7 -9pm

On the 30th of June Test Centre will launch ‘Paul Buck’s Pressed Curtains Tape Project’, a boxed set of 10 cassette tapes from Buck’s archive, including material by Eric Mottram, Allen Fisher, Cris Cheek, Pierre Joris, Bill Griffiths, Jean-Luc Parant, Robert Kelly and Kathy Acker.

In the late 1970s Buck initiated a series of cassette releases tied to his magazines ‘Curtains’ and ‘Twisted Wrist’. Of a projected series, only a couple saw the light of day, made to order from master tapes and given handwritten labels. Beyond these 2 tapes (by Eric Mottram and, in combination, Buck and Ulli McCarthy) lay far more extensive recordings of magazine contributors, friends and correspondents.

Some were recorded at Buck’s home in Hebden Bridge, some were sent in correspondence, and others were recorded from public readings. A mixture of straight readings, performance pieces, or improvisations in the area of sound poetry, the archive is a unique collection which captures the experimentation and creative energies of an exciting and influential group of writers and performers.

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July 4, 2015 at 1:06 pm

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