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Re-portrait Yourself / Saturday14 May 2011, 2pm – 8pm

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Re-portrait Yourself
Saturday14 May 2011, 2pm – 8pm
Visual flow coordinated by Waldemar Pranckiewicz

One big collective portrait will be created on Saturday 14 May at X Marks The Bökship. The Re-portrait Yourself event is about appropriating existing photographs from various documents and creating a new photographic work out of them.

Everybody is welcome to participate – all you need to do is bring a photograph of yourself, a partner or friend. This photograph should be taken from the following sources: passport, ID cards, driving license or diploma or any kind of certificate.

The photograph you submit will be re-photographed using a low quality mobile phone camera. It will then be printed out and used to create a spatial catalogue out of all re-photographed portraits.

The Re-portrait Yourself project focuses on portraits of yourself taken by others (or by an automated photo booth) which have then been used to represent you in your official documents. The more images you provide the better. Images of you taken in different periods of your life are also welcome.

You can as well get involved with the project by e-mailing a scanned portrait to: (Please be aware that results of your participation could be used in the future projects or public presentations.)

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May 9, 2011 at 6:28 am

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