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Book Launch: Rialto-Dolmio by Russell Walker / Saturday 3 September 2011, 6 – 8pm

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Rialto-Dolmio is a book of poetry by Russell Walker, published by Savoury Days and 1994 Editions:

“I wrote these poems in 2010. It took me a short time to initially write them, but quite a long time to edit them so that they made more sense, and captured more of what I intended when writing them. The subject of the poems vary: it could be said that they are mainly autobiographical in content, although not all are in the first person. This is an inconsistency that I could not be bothered to correct. Most of the things I wrote were lost when our computer overheated. According to my brother-in-law, when this happens there is no way of fixing it yourself, and it would perhaps be more effective to buy a new one. I wondered if it was worth offsetting the cost of repair with the potential of salvaging some of my writing, but then I though it might motivate me to write more things, which may be of a higher quality.”

Rialto-Dolmio launches 3 September at X Marks the Bokship with music by Mad Headed Octogram and The Plague.

Rialto-Dolmio Russell Walker
ISBN 978-0-9561769-2-9/SAVE13
Designed by Mathew Whittington
Printed by Hato Press
Savoury Days/1994 Editions, 2011

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August 29, 2011 at 12:02 pm